“Thank you for the amazing table that you spread for Vince and me, and for our family and friends at our wedding reception. You have quite a gift. Thanks you for sharing it with us. Blessings on you.”

- Amy Grant, Multiplatinum Recording Artist


“Chef-Owner of Beach Walk Tim Creehan, who turns out delicious dishes like peppercrusted tuna with sautéed spinach and a soy ginger sauce, is one of Florida’s emerging culinary talents.”

- Robert Tolfe, Restaurant Editor of Florida Trend for Bon Appetit


“Best dang steak I ever had!”

- Steve Cropper, Rock & Roll Hall of Famer, Songwriter and Guitarist


“We spent months searching the nation to find the five chefs featured at Cooking Light’s Grandstand ’99 festival. Our requirements were stiff: We wanted to most innovative, creative chefs who are dedicated both to living healthfully and to serving their customers light, healthy, great-tasting food. Tim Creehan not only filled the bill perfectly, he delighted the crowds that flocked to his demonstrations.”

- Ellen T. Carroll, Senior Projects Editor of Cooking Light Magazine


“My song, Angels in Waiting, has inspired a lot of people, but I didn’t know it could inspire food – that’s so cool.”

- Tammy Cochran, Country Recording Artist


“The second I tasted Chef’s Grill Plus sauce, I knew this was going to make cooking history. Thank you for a new and wonderful dining experience!”

- Maddy Miller, Producer CBS News


“Tim Creehan is one of the most creative chefs practicing his craft in the United States today. His innovative dishes carry a touch of New Orleans and what I call Nouveau Gulf Coastal. What does that mean? A delicate use of fresh seafood found only on the Gulf: redfish, pompano, blue crab, cobia and their likes. All of this with a Southern accent and a blend of the Continental. I spent Thanksgiving at his signature restaurant and feasted on fried turkey. The best! It seals the juices and delivers the taste.”

- Wayne Rogers, Actor and Fox Business News contributor